Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alice Springs duststorm

Recently, I was in Alice Springs, relieving for a pilot away on leave. This is a photo of the second duststorm to roll through in two hours. As you can see, it pretty much stops flying for a while. That roll cloud also had some pretty good winds associated with it, and the band of weather streached from north of Alice Springs to the bottom of Tasmania..... interesting day.

Friday, March 07, 2008

William Creek Clinic

I flew up to William Creek and Oodnadatta the other day and came across a bunch of Brits (and one mad Irish woman!) on a tour of the outback. They wanted to know all about the RFDS and the aeroplane, so of course I obliged with a tour. Unfortunately, they had to get on the road before the patients were all finished so they never got to see the inside of the PC12. As a result, I promised them that I'd send the URL for this blog along with a photo I took of them all.

Here it is.....

Also, there's a picture of the wall and ceiling of the saloon bar. You'll notice a bunch of business cards, driver's licences, bras and other interesting items have been stapled up as momentos of the patrons as they wander through this remote