Sunday, November 05, 2006

Aircraft equipment

Here is the inside of the PC12. The pictures show the stretchers and equipment racks in the rear of the aircraft. Note that the stretchers are actually on dollies so they can be wheeled around at will. The floor has been specially designed to be flat and easy to clean. If any blood gets between the joints, it MUST be cleaned properly and as soon as possible because it is reportedly very corrosive. Never knew that did you? I certainly didn't.

The third photo shows the stretcher loading device. Basically this is an electrically driven (by worm gear) platform that allows us to raise and lower the stretcher and patient without all the manhandling that would normally be needed. This saves our backs, and reduces the opportunity for further patient injury etc. Great little system, though very expensive as it is properly certified for use in aircraft and of course is made of expensive components, milled from solid blocks of metal. It has to be examined to be appreciated.

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