Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More dust.....

I had a patient to pick up yesterday from "Prominent Hill" - just west of Coober Pedy. I must say that I didn't see any hills, but they have an open cut mine there so it may be that the hill is now gone..

Anyway on arrival, as I flew downwind I noticed a HUGE dust devil working its way towards the runway. It eventually went right across, and as I'd widened my circuit deliberately to avoid it, there weren't any problems. I didn't have the opportunity at that time to get a photo, but about fifteen minutes later I snapped a photo of a much smaller one doing the same thing. At that time I saw about four in the area.

Also interesting to note that the mine has HUGE tipper trucks for moving the gravel around and there is a track that goes past the end of the runway. As I approached, there was one waiting to cross under my approach path. I'm glad he waited because he's probably 40 feet high and would definitely have caused some consternation otherwise.

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