Sunday, February 08, 2009

Real RFDS work!

I recently went to a motor vehicle accident in the far north of South Australia. It occurred a few miles north of a small town, and we flew one of our doctors up for this retrieval. We were on the ground for an hour and a half, and with the temperature hovering around 48 degrees C, it was close to my personal limit. Also, it was pretty close to the engine start limit (50 degrees) and we almost had to wait until the temperature reduced to we could start up and take off.
Anyway, in this case, there were three people involved, but only two were seriously injured and they had been strapped in the seats in front. The passenger in the rear was unsecured and came out "shaken but not stirred". We had to get the driver out of the vehicle as she had a broken ankle, and had been left there for over two hours while we were advised and activated. I should point out however, that we were there within an hour of being told to -GO!

Overall, as you can see, they were extremely lucky to be alive. The vehicle left the road at high speed, swapped sides (no traffic to hit - fortunately) and then re-crossed the road to then hit a drainage culvert and rolled three times. Not too much fun.

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