Monday, July 22, 2013

Clinic at Cadney Park

This is my first update for quite a while, so a great deal has happened and I have a few photos to add. Here's a shot of us leaving from a clinic we conducted at Cadney Park in central South Australia. We go there probably less than once a month as we only normally see the people working at the roadhouse. On this occasion, I noticed a couple of people hanging around, one of whom had a brace of Nikons hanging from his neck, so I went over to chat with them while the doctor and nurse were seeing to the patients.

As it happened, the chap was a QANTAS A380 captain, at the time on leave as the fleet was currently grounded. We chatted about the PC12 for a while, and I showed him over the old girl. Sadly, I didn't have an NG that day or I could have shown him all the LCD screens we have in the latest version. Nevertheless, he seemed to be suitably impressed.

He mentioned that he would hang around for our departure and get a few photos, so I offered to give him a photo pass on departure if he promised to send me some photos. He readily agreed, so that's how I got these shots. He did a great job to get the detail. Check out the gravel being kicked up by the wheels.

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