Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We're finally in the southern hemisphere! Having landed in Bali, we are now about to set out on the last international leg of our trip to bring this PC12 home to Australia. Here is my favourite aeroplane on the ground at Bali. Uneventful trip - except for dodging a few towering cumulus and watching the lightning strikes on the radar.

This photo shows the weather as we arrived in Singapore. Relatively low clouds and plenty of rain in them, but we had no difficulty getting in at all. As for getting out, we had a 15 minute delay as we waited for the storm to pass and then we were off. No dramas there, but very busy airspace and tight corridors.

This could easily have been the same A380 that took us to Zurich only a week before.

Tropical paradise.... one of the hundreds of islands we flew over whilst en-route to  Bali.

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