Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ways to go...

Ok, here are a couple of comparison shots of two of the aircraft I was in for the trip. First one is a Metroliner of Sharp Airlines from Port Augusta to Adelaide. As you can see, it's pretty tiny in there and not too comfortable. It's also noisy and normal landings are harsh at the best of times because of the undercarriage design.

The second photo is of the Airbus A380, enroute Singapore to Zurich. My camera lens was pretty dirty at the time so I apologise for the poor quality. Nevertheless, you can see just a small part of the cabin. This is the biggest aeroplane I've been in, or likely to be I reckon, but it was so quite that you could have a conversation with both you seat-mates in normal voice! Try that in a Metro... Also, the landing was smooth as silk - almost as good as a PC12!

Today is a lay-day as the factory is not open over the weekends, so Chris and I will do some tourist stuff - perhaps climb a mountain or two! ..... ok, make that "ride to the top of a mountain or two on a cable car".

More tomorrow.

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