Sunday, September 12, 2010


Here's the map of progress so far. Now in Phuket, Tailand for a day off to recharge our batteries and wash some clothes.

And finally in Phuket - here's a photo of the beach just across the road from our hotel. Even though it was quite a nice day, the beach was pretty much deserted as you can see, and this was at 3:00pm! There were a couple of fishing boats just offshore, and a few people (out of shot) surfing, but probably less than 20 people in or within 100m of the water. I don't understand really, because it was quite warm at the time.

Interesting wiring job.... I think they are just telephone wires (at least I HOPE that's all they are), but this sort of thing is very common around the area. Just about ALL streets have a similar sight, and there are also very often loose and broken wires just hanging down.... where's Telstra when you need them?

Ok.... so sometimes I'm a tourist! Here's a nice looking temple that I saw not far from the hotel. These sort of buildings are very common in the area also.

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